It can be a stressful time when CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), chooses to do an audit on you. They can initiate an audit in both your personal life or organizational activity. Reasons for their action of auditing you is based on various reasons. Some popular reasons include the following:

* Finding some suspicious information when it comes to the comparison of your tax papers like T4’s
* Types of deductions or credit that is claimed
* Your history when it comes to taxation
* And even because of a random selection

Whatever your reason for being a target of an audit, we at PVTAX can assist you throughout the whole auditing process. You can look forward to having full representation in front of CRA, and our tax expert knowledge guiding you throughout the process, coming out with the best results possible for you.

In many cases, citizens are told to pay a substantial amount of money to CRA. By having a team of tax experts, we strategically seek out ways to deduce this amount significantly, going by valid tax laws that can benefit you, and any information you may provide that can help your case.

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