Maximizing your benefits

With over 32 years experience in tax law, we provide the best tax results.

Saving your money

We always work with the objective of saving you the most money possible.

On your side, fully representing you

Unlike other tax firms, PVTAX represents all clients with CRA.

P. Villagra Inc. (PVTAX), has over 32 years experience as tax experts in Vancouver, Canada. We offer specialized services in areas such as accounting, personal and corporate tax planning, tax auditing, tax litigation, and business consulting of national, multinational and international corporations. As a bilingual organization, we provide services in both English and Spanish.

It is the Mission of PVTAX to provide both personal as well as corporate tax solutions to Canadian citizens and residents. Strategically working on each case based on the person, allowing to obtain optimal results that you are fully entitled to. Our team of professional tax experts aim to help educate, and problem-solve for our clients along with the community in general.

Breaking the tax stigma, by providing a pleasant tax experience, top refunds, and significant tax savings.


Aside from you receiving expert services, you can also look forward to joining a team which will work hard to bring you nothing less than the best results. Whether you are in Vancouver, BC or somewhere else in Canada, we provide the best results. Why settle for mediocre results when you can receive outstanding results? – Check out what some of our happy clients have to say:

“Excellent service! Their team is quick and responsive, and take great care with my personal taxes. Highly recommend giving them a call!.” – Alexandra O.

“Highly recommended, excellent service and knowledge. They take you by the hand to answer any questions you have, they answer you quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you feel satisfied and secure with the process you are about to carry out. Thank you very much for your support.” – Giselle M.

“I have been going to to PVTAX for almost 10 years and counting! They are professional and specialize in tax and several services! As a client they have always kept their word, and have helped me even in the toughest situations! I have recommended them to many of my friends and family members! I strongly reccomend you to go to them!” – Kathryn J.