A team of tax experts who always seek to obtain the best results and benefits using the Canadian tax law in your favour.

Making a positive financial difference in people’s lives since 1996

Patricio Villagra Accounting Services Inc. (PVTAX) was founded by Patricio and Paola Villagra on June 1, 1996 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since then, the team has grown to include other highly trained specialists allowing us to expand and provide even more positive results. Although our office is currently in Burnaby, we are not limited to just British Columbia. Most of our services are made available internationally, and we can benefit clients from afar digitally.

Our areas of expertise 


With PVTAX you do not need to fear if you have been targeted by CRA. We can help you obtain the best outcome possible.


Appeals and Tax Objections

If you are seeking justice with an appeal or tax objection we know how to use the Canadian tax law to best benefit you.

Non-Resident Corporations

We can help with many different areas an international corporation may need help with. Providing solutions from how to bring your organization to Canada to hiring foreign employees.

Business Consulting

With knowledge of Canadian tax law we can assist all business people no matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey they are in.

Corporate Taxes

We are always providing corporations with the best tax results possible. Assisting them to continue to run their business smoothly and be worry-free from CRA.


You have a business to keep running, and we have a solid team that has got your back. We provide precise booking and quality accounting services.

Personal Taxes

We are pleased to have been obtaining the best benefits and refunds for clients and their families for over 2 decades.

Why Choose PVTAX

Dedicated, Expert Tax Specialists

We work with you to obtain the best results you can get. No matter the size of your business or what your personal life is like, we help get the best results. 

Full Representation with CRA

With full representation with CRA, you are never alone. You can continue to enjoy the best things in life knowing that what many stress over is in good hands, with a reputable organization that has many years communicating with CRA.

Over 32 Years Experience

Since starting out in 1996 we have come to gain a substantial amount of expertise, and know how the Canadian tax system and community works. It truly pays to have a team of experts on your side.

Our Founder and President

Patricio Villagra

Patricio Villagra

Tax Law Specialist

Mr. Villagra is a tax law specialist, who has been trained in accordance to the CICA \ CPA Canada In-Depth Tax Course Program. With his education, knowledge of the Canadian Government system, and over 32 years experience, he has been able to help thousands of clients save money, in various ways including tax & accounting aspects. In addition, he has won several cases in court; representing his clients in areas of tax objections, audits, and appeals. Because of his contribution to the financial world he has appeared on the media and has been credited on both television and on the radio.

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