In some cases, CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) can file a claim against you, usually penalizing you with a hefty fee or even time served (for even more severe situations). For moments such as these you have the right to appeal your case, and have your time in front of CRA providing you with the opportunity to show your side of the story, and any evidence you may have that can help your case.

At PVTAX we take our clients appeals very seriously, and bring forward our expert tax law knowledge in order to obtain everything that can defend your case, and bring it forward, including strategically gathering all of your evidence to help you come out with the best outcome possible.

This being said, our tax team is proud of our positive reputation and history which consists of 99% of our client’s cases being resolved without the need of going to court. We have accomplished this success rate by working as a team with valued clients with situations similar to yours, and representing them in front of the CRA every step of the way.

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